Compensation Of College Athletes Is Inevitable And Will Likely Expose Some Universities'

Most participants’ answers focused on student skills including computer, English language and time management. Behaviors such as developing a study plan, having learning goals and objectives and being more motivated were also mentioned. The perceived need for better English language skills was expressed by about one third of the participants, none of whom have English as their native language. English speaking countries have been dominant in DE making English the most commonly used language in online learning (Sadykova & Dautermann, 2009). Best aesthetic clinic Singapore Regarding time management, half of the Ukrainian students expressed their need for improvement in contrast to approximately one third of the participants from the other countries.

Senator Lieberman observed that, the public interest may be at risk here, as well, when public employees are on the job without the educational credentials needed to do their jobs39. Senator Collins, calling the situation "inexcusable waste" added if a job is critical to public safety or involves significant responsibility, then a bogus degree can do tangible and supstantial harm40. Ezell and Bear documented over 80 cases of college presidents and professors, school teachers, principals and superintendents, business executives and political candidates whose jobs were lost or careers were ruined when their phony credentials were exposed41. Even more insidious were the divorces, illnesses and loss of lives due to people who were practicing medicine or psychiatry with phony MD or PhD degrees. International students who are eager to have the prestige of a "more portable" degree from a U.S. college or university are particularly easy and lucrative targets for diploma mills28.

Financial Support For Learners' Families

The issue soon boiled down to which institutions had degree-granting powers and which institutions did not. AQC is an external review system carried out by a network of higher education curriculum experts. Although it is not accreditation, Best profhilo Singapore AQC engages a peer review process designed to provide meaningful, relevant feedback to distance education providers consistent with the principles of accreditation. Resources for College of Distance Education students, a few commonly accessed tools and support services for our distance education students.


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